2013 Loan Officer Financial Training Followup


Bankers’ Bank of the West, the sponsor of the two-day Loan Officer Financial Training program held in Denver October 22 and 23, 2013, enrolled three of its own employees in the seminar. Each of them identified different aspects of the seminar as having immediate value to their work and professional development.

Lee Anderbery, a correspondent services officer whose service area includes parts of Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa, said he enjoyed the way seminar leader Kyle Enger challenged the bankers to think through a cash flow analysis problem.

“A few of us ventured different answers, mostly heading down the wrong path,” Lee said. “It was a good way of getting us involved in the problem-solving exercise.”

Reena Shakya, who joined BBW one year ago, appreciated the opportunity to refresh what she learned in college.

“We have access to a lot of software tools for pulling financials,” Reena explained. “Kyle went more deeply into where those numbers come from. That was really beneficial. I also liked the examples he used to make specific points more memorable.”

The most recent addition to BBW’s team of credit analysts is Greg Stanek. He said the seminar delivered a lot of good take-aways—for example, insights into understanding the business, understanding how to do an initial financial review, and eye-opening facts on why customers leave a bank.

“To make sure we all understood the material, Kyle would have us explain key concepts to a ‘partner’ banker we worked with on both days. He was one of the most effective presenters I’ve ever seen,” Greg said.

Community bankers from seven states attended the October session, coming from Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming as well as Colorado. Kyle Enger, the program’s presenter and co-creator, is a principal with BBI Financial, LLC, and frequent presenter at many of the nation’s top banking schools. Bankers’ Bank of the West has sponsored the seminar in Denver since 2008.