Credit Cards: Risk-Free

Bankers’ Bank of the West, in partnership with UMB, offers a competitive and attractive Agent Bank Credit Card Program to community banks. These products incorporate the conveniences and service access your customers will enjoy as well as options that enable you to customize the program for your market.

What’s more, this program can generate income for your community bank in the form of new account referral fees and sales residual on annual credit card purchases. There are no plastic fees or application fees.


Program types

  • Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card
  • Visa Platinum Rewards Program
  • Visa Business credit card
  • Visa Business Rewards credit card

Features and benefits of the Program

  • Your community bank logo will be printed on applications and the card.
  • Card applications can be submitted at the branch, through “take one” applications, and over the Internet.
  • Your community bank can offer up to five card designs, and cards can be changed at any time. Additionally, UMB offers “Picture Me Plastic” personalization cards.
  • Your community bank will receive referral fees per approved account, and generate revenue calculated on net purchases.
  • Your community bank incurs no risk because Bankers’ Bank of the West’s partner, UMB Bank, underwrites and services all accounts.
  • Inbound calls from your customers are answered with the greeting, “card services.” The account is quickly identified as an agent bank credit card account. Your customers can also obtain account information or make phone payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using a toll-free number or online access.
  • Monthly account statements will reflect “Card Services” name, and payments are made payable to Visa.

Marketing support for your community bank

  • Program rollout
  • Product training
  • Signage

To enroll or obtain more information

Contact MaryAnn Elliott-Supples, SVP, at 800-601-8630 or email