Credit Cards: Bank Controlled

Bankers’ Bank of the West offers your community bank a profitable VISA® credit card program that gives you control of pricing and approval. You design your program to meet your needs; BBW provides complete back-office servicing and superior customer service.

The Consumer Credit Card

Our program enables you to issue the following VISA® products for consumers:
VISA Classic Credit, Visa Gold, and Visa Business Card.

Your Community Bank: Bankers’ Bank of the West:
  • Performs your own underwriting
  • Determines the credit line
  • Assumes the receivables and collections
  • Chooses whether to build the card record or delegate the input to Bankers’ Bank of the West
  • Determines the interest rates for your product
  • Sets the annual card fee
  • Receives 100% of the interchange income
  • Can choose to offer a rewards program
  • Has the opportunity to offer available Visa enhancements
  • Provides sponsorship into VISA USA
  • Assigns project manager for implementation
  • Provides training
  • Performs data entry
  • Performs daily monetary settlement
  • Processes credit card payments
  • Handles dispute processing through our partner, BBCS
  • Can choose to offer a rewards program
  • Has the opportunity to offer available Visa enhancements

The Business Credit Card

We make available the issuance of VISA Business credit cards, which are identified as “business” within the card design. Each card is two-line embossed to display the individual’s name followed by the business name.

Your Community Bank: Features of the Business credit card:
  • Sets the master credit line for the business
  • Performs underwriting and assumes all risk
  • Generates 100% interchange income on business cards
  • Earns revenues through 100% of interchange income and charges an annual fee for each card
  • In a typical market, will see that business cards
    are generally paid in full monthly
  • Can estimate that the average transaction will be higher than a consumer purchase
  • Business may issue cards to multiple employees, and…
    • Business sets credit line for each employee
    • Each employee cardholder receives
      a statement for expense reporting
    • Business receives master summary for all cards issued
    • Business issues a single payment

The Executive Business Credit Card

The Executive Business credit card is offered to exclusively to banks, for bankers only. It is typically used for travel and expense reporting.

Your Community Bank: Bankers’ Bank of the West:
  • Establishes a master line of credit with Bankers’ Bank of the West.
  • Sets each individual’s card limit.
  • Determines whom the cards are issued to: Each
    cardholder signs the “credit card account for commercial purpose” application.
  • Receives a master summary statement for all cards issued; each individual cardholder receives a statement for expense reporting.
  • Bank issues a single payment.
  • Designates one individual at your bank to be responsible for requesting any changes to master line of credit or cardholder records.
  • Issues cards based on the Agreement, with
    two-line embossing: individual’s name on the first line; bank’s name on the second line.
  • Performs all back-office functions.

For more information, contact MaryAnn Elliott-Supples, SVP, at 800-601-8630 or