Consulting Solutions: Who we are

Our People

Larry Martin, Chairman

Larry founded Bank Strategies in 1982 and has significant experience in providing consulting services designed to assist and enhance the performance of mid- and lower-tier size community banks. During his career, he has also served as a retail banking officer with financial institutions in Michigan, Texas and Colorado and supervised staffs of up to 200 FTEs. He is a frequent industry speaker to a variety of community banking groups, and sought out by local and national media outlets for his expertise on banking matters. Larry has also served on the board of directors of several financial institutions.

Jim Swanson, President/CEO

Jim joined Bank Strategies LLC in 2009. He is a 25-year banking industry professional with broad based experience as a consultant, bank chief credit officer, and regulator with the Federal Reserve System. During his career, he has worked with hundreds of financial institutions and gained broad exposure to best (and worst) industry risk management practices, with particular emphasis in the lending and credit risk management functions. During the last economic recession, Jim worked extensively with troubled financial institutions and an FDIC-approved vendor in assessing risk and managing multi-billion dollar commercial real estate loan portfolios retained by the FDIC in receivership following bank closure. He also has considerable experience assisting financial institutions with strategic planning and management/staffing study needs. Jim holds an MBA from the University of Denver and an undergraduate degree in accounting from the University of Nebraska.

Debbie Meyers, Senior Consultant

Debbie joined Bank Strategies in 2012. Prior to joining the firm, Debbie was with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City for nearly 35 years where she headed the bank supervision function for the western zone of the Tenth District. In this capacity, she supervised a staff of 45 examiners and provided oversight for roughly 50 state member banks and 100 bank holding companies in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Kansas. Her tenure covered two significant industry downturns, and during the most recent, Debbie actively participated in resolving several significant problem bank situations. Further, she conducted various banker and branch board outreach and trainings on selected supervisory concerns including risk management techniques in lending, funding, and other issues of recent industry concern. Debbie holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Iowa State University and is a graduate of the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado in Boulder.

Dave Anderson, Senior Consultant

Dave joined Bank Strategies in 2011, following a 28-year career in bank supervision with the Federal Reserve System and the FDIC. During his career with the Federal Reserve, Dave served as a Supervising Examiner and Central Point of Contact, providing oversight and guidance for a portfolio of banks in the Tenth District. Dave was also the recipient of the William Taylor Award for Excellence in Bank Supervision given to recognize individuals demonstrating extraordinary achievement in financial regulation. Dave holds a bachelor’s degree from Minnesota State University, formerly known as Mankato State University, with business administration concentrations in finance, real estate and insurance and minors in economics and accounting. He is also a graduate of the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado in Boulder.

Dave Nowling, Senior Consultant

Dave is the newest addition to the Bank Strategies team joining in 2014. Dave joined Bank Strategies following a 30-year career with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City where he was one of three managers with responsibility for the Tenth District’s Examination and Inspection Department with tenure spanning two economic recessions. He also served as manager of the Consumer Affairs department for six years, including through the Dodd/Frank Act transition as well as the establishment of the District’s Consumer Regional Banking Team. Dave is an accomplished speaker and has served on the faculty of the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado in Boulder (GSBC) since 2001 where he provides leadership training and best practices for leading organizational change, and has been instrumental in assisting in the development of the Executive Development Institute which GSBC launched in 2014. Dave graduated from the University of Colorado with a major in finance and accounting and obtained his master’s degree in business administration at the University of Denver. He is also a graduate of the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado in Boulder.