Our correspondent lending division functions as an extension of your loan department, enabling you to obtain and keep quality loans for your community bank. As a non-competing correspondent, BBW never solicits loan business directly from your commercial or retail customers, Rather, we provide instead timely credit to banks, bank directors, and bank holding companies.

We provide these and other credit services:
• Loan participations, both overline and share-the-risk
• Agricultural, commercial and municipal loans
• Loans to officers and directors of independent financial institutions
• Federal funds lines of credit
• Bank building financing
• Bank stock loans
• Letters of credit
• Municipal leasing

Our lending staff is experienced, thorough, and highly responsive. BBW’s lending officers, credit analysts and loan operations specialists work as a team to provide expert guidance, timely decisions, and ongoing support for community bank customers.

Let us make a positive difference for you. Call us at 800-873-4722 or contact your BBW calling officer directly. If you prefer, email us at