Online Access

Bankers’ Bank of the West makes available the secure, robust, easy-to-use Bankers Internet Data System (BIDS) for electronic delivery of correspondent banking and communications. BIDS eliminates the need for specialized software, dial-up lines and modems.

BIDS gives community banks timely access to information and facilitates direct access reconciliation of accounts. Additionally, the system enables multiple users within a customer bank to access the system simultaneously. Reports, information, and services accessible through BIDS include:

•FRB check adjustments
•Loan payments and advances
•Interbank account-to-account transfers
•Federal funds
•Domestic and international wires
•Vault cash deposits and orders
•Savings bonds
•Large return item notifications
•Comprehensive, understandable ACH, origination and risk management
•Federal Reserve Electronic Tax Application (FR-ETA)
•Check 21 FT delivery and Check 21 image return module

To learn more, arrange a demonstration or obtain an analysis, contact a cash management officer at 303-291-3700 (800-873-4722) or