Bankers’ Bank of the West provides trade clearance and custody services for our community banks at
very competitive prices. We currently have 104 customer banks with a total par value of $4 billion and approximately 7,800 positions.

Safekeeping services include:

  • Protection of securities deposited with BBW.
  • Settlement of purchases/sales and security transfers.
  • Trade settlement notification via BIDS real time feature.
  • Safekeeping receipts issued for each security received/pledged.
  • Principal and interest payments automatically credited to your BBW account early
    in the morning on payment date. Detail report available on BIDS/fax.
  • 10-day advance notification of maturing securities.
  • Timely notification to our customers of called securities and other reorg activity
    with account credited immediately upon receipt of funds.
  • Approved custodian for third party pledging to Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka.
  • Pledging of securities to your public entities.
  • Portfolio statements and pledge reports available via BIDS/fax on last business day
    of every month.
  • Fees charged on analysis.
  • Audit confirmations provided at no cost.
  • Direct inquirer services with lost & stolen securities program.
  •  Permanent retention of safekeeping reports for clients on BIDS.

Third-party portfolio cost accounting and management services are available as well. Find out more about our securities clearance and custody services by calling 303-313-8102 or emailing Sandy Gerk.

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