Ties That Bind: Partnership, Service and Longevity

A Message to our Stakeholders – November 21, 2013
Bill Mitchell, President and CEO ·  Bankers’ Bank of the West

Mountain hiking is one of my favorite summer pastimes. The view from each switchback is more thrilling than the last. Step by step, you near your destination. At some point, you stop for a drink of water. That’s when you look back, squinting to make out the trailhead where you started—and you’re amazed at how far you’ve come.

Last month when Bankers’ Bank of the West marked 33 years in business, I felt pretty much the same way. The anniversary didn’t exactly come as a surprise, but it was still a landmark. Much has changed since a group of forward-thinking community bankers founded this institution, the nation’s second-oldest bankers’ bank, in 1980. The technology we use, the services we offer, the communication channels we use, the regulatory environment, information security concerns—all these (and more) seem to be shifting at warp speed.

But as an organization established and owned entirely by our community bank customers, Bankers’ Bank of the West is driven today by the same mission it was founded to carry out:  To serve as a partner to community banks in our service area. In the very complex financial services sector, that’s a simple directive.

The day-to-day business of helping community banks compete in their market areas is anything but simple, of course. It plays out in many ways, such as creating efficiencies. Growing our OnWe® check clearing network. Providing loan participation services that enable your community bank to meet your customers’ needs and manage your balance sheet. Ensuring access to essential services at competitive prices even as big correspondents pull the plug. Backing our products with topnotch customer service and back-office expertise. Treating you like the partner you are. And never competing for your customers.

At this 33-year milepost, we’re healthier than ever. You can count on our loyalty, and we plan on earning yours for many years to come. Thank you for your business and confidence. It’s been a great journey, and the best is still to come.